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Cleaners in LeedsLeeds is located on the River Aire in West Yorkshire, England. It is the urban core and administrative centre of the wider metropolitan borough of the City of Leeds. The county borough of Leeds was awarded city status in 1893, but in 1974 this status was transferred to the larger new metropolitan borough named "City of Leeds". Thus Leeds, although commonly referred to as a "city", does not have this legal status unless the wider area is being discussed.

Historically a part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, the recorded history of Leeds can be traced to the 5th century when the Kingdom of Elmet was covered by the forest of "Loidis", the origin of the name Leeds. During the Industrial Revolution, Leeds developed into a major industrial centre for the production and trade of wool, before emerging as a centre for commerce and higher education, being the location of the University of Leeds, Leeds Metropolitan University and Leeds Trinity and All Saints. Today the city is one of the largest financial and legal centres outside London.

According to the 2001 UK census, the population of the Leeds Urban Sub-division (an ONS measure was 443,247, whereas the wider City of Leeds metropolitan district has a population of 761,200 (mid-2007 estimate) and is one of the eight largest English cities outside London that form the English Core Cities Group. It is near the centre of the West Yorkshire metropolitan county which has a population of over 2.1 million.

Cleaners in Leeds provides one of the largest online listings of cleaning companies. Cleaner finders use our website daily to find professional cleaners and dedicated cleaning service providers for domestic cleaners in Leeds, commercial cleaners in Leeds, corporate cleaners in Leeds and Industrial cleaners in Leeds. Many of our cleaning companies in Leeds are long-time professional cleaners, while others are new cleaning companies just starting their business, waiting for their first customer.
We have customized our listing in such a way that you can do a city wise search for cleaning services for Leeds area or a county wise search for cleaning companies covering Leeds. Here you can find telephone numbers, addresses, links to local cleaners in birminghamarea their websites and description of the cleaning services they are offering. Whether you are looking for a regular cleaning, one off cleaning, carpet cleaning or windows cleaningmy local cleaner Directory is the answer.
Our clients are busy professionals, married with children, young singles, and empty nesters. Cleaning companies in Leeds our directory provide commercial cleaning, corporate cleaning, and domestic cleaning for pet owners, parents, asthma and allergy sufferers, and those who want to save their energy for things other than cleaning.

People who want to spend their time pursuing careers, hobbies and enjoying family and friends need reliable cleaners in Leeds to choose from. They are people who’ve experienced the frustration and stress of hiring and firing other cleaning services and have finally realized that it really can be much simpler. local cleaners in Leeds is the one cleaning services directory that simplifies life by taking care of everything else, so you can turn your attention to other matters.
There are two main types of cleaning companies in Leeds area.

Domestic Cleaners in Leeds and Domestic Cleaning in Leeds:

Cleaners in LeedsThe importance of a domestic Cleaning service is something we all are well aware off but due to our busy lives or hectic daily work routines are simply unable to keep up with life’s ever increasing pace. Living in a clean and hygienic atmosphere insures a long, prosperous and healthy live. But on the other hand leaving it unattended can result in the spread of germs and dust that can be the cause of allergies and disease originating from our very homes.
But fortunately there is any increasing number of domestic cleaning organizations ready to serve your needs just a few clicks away. Whether they are self employed cleaners in Leeds or large contract based cleaning organizations in Leeds. Just waiting to maintain your home just the way you want it to be. Domestic cleaning deals with the following categories, is associated the vacuming, mopping, disinfecting and dusting of the main rooms in your house, namely the lounge, kitchen and birminghamroom.

With our exclusive listings covering all domestic cleaners in Leeds you can find every type of domestic cleaners in Leeds area or the surrounding area.

Commercial Cleaners in Leeds and Commercial Leeds Cleaners:

Unlike domestic cleaning , Commercial cleaners or corporate cleaning is associated with the cleaning of offices, businesses, shops, ,shopping malls, showrooms, factories, and other workplaces, and the importance of maintaining a clean and safe environment in such places cannot be stressed enough. Now generally depending on what type of equipment will be required to complete the task and also the nature of the company, commercial cleaners can be hired on a day-to-day basis as well as on a weekly or monthly basis.
A cleaning service can include dusting desks, emptying waste bins, toilet cleaning, and vacuuming or mopping floors. And one off cleaning chores that need not be done daily like cleaning and maintinance of the computers, telephones, photocopiers, scanners or curtain cleaning, can be discussed and adjusted with the cleaning companies according to the needs for the customer.

With our Online listings for Commercial Cleaners in Leeds, you can find a wide variety of listings to match your choice of commercial cleaners or commercial cleaning services.

Cleaners in leeds

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    Regent Cleaning Services
   Head Office, Catteshall Road, Godalming, Surrey GU7 1NJ
   Tel: 01483 861477         Fax: 01483 869990
   Options: See Regent Cleaning Services on MultiMap Map | Send an email to Email | Go to Regent Cleaning Services´s Homepage Website
Visit Regent Cleaning Services´s Homepage
    Rainbow International
    We provide a wide range of professional cleaning services for homes and commercial premises.
   Park Farm, Westland Road, Leeds
   Tel: 01132772822         Fax: -N/A-
   Options: See Rainbow International on MultiMap Map | Send an email to Email | Go to Rainbow International´s Homepage Website
Visit Rainbow International´s Homepage
    D-Wynter Carpet Services
    We specialize in carpet cleaning, carpet and upholstery protection.
   16 Templategate Walk Leeds
   Tel: 0113 264 8095         Fax: 0113 260 3070
   Options: See D-Wynter Carpet Services on MultiMap Map | Send an email to Email | Go to D-Wynter Carpet Services´s Homepage Website
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Kirkdale Carpets
: Carpet, Curtain & Upholstery Cleaners
18 Kirkdale View, Leeds, West Yorkshire,
Tel: 07889 025533,
Eazy Clean.Com
Malmarc Ho, 116 Dewsbury Rd, Leeds. LS11 6XD -
Tel: 0845 2266532
Matrik Computer Services Ltd
11 Hargreaves Clo, Morley, Leeds. LS27 9TE
Tel: 0113 2539148
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